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At the time of writing, March 2010, I'm in my late 50's. I've been making things in wood since the mid 90's when I took up turning as a method of stress relief from my day job - an IT manager with a large UK bank.

I took some courses in woodturning and picked up techniques from here and there. No doubt I do many things wrong but if it works and isn't dangerous, then I don't see anything wrong with the method. I've diversified somewhat - doing some carving and some green woodworking. I took a course with Mike Abbott, making a Windsor chair without the help of any power tools (although he did use a chain saw to fell the tree!). Mike is an acknowledged expert on green woodwork and has published some excellent books - I'd recommend to anyone that they take a course with him - details on the links page.

I have gleaned much information and help from the UK Woodworking Forum, an internet forum with many contributors which covers all aspects of woodwork. If you are interested in woodwork, it's a good palce to go to find things out. They are generally a helpful crowd. Details on the links page.

I am presently 'resting' as jobs are difficult to find these days, especially for those in their late 50's. Still, it gives one time to tinker in the shed!


Favourite Pieces

Wedding Spoons

fencepost bowl

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